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Mar 16, 2019

       I had been planning on doing a cleanse for the last few weeks and had began gathering together what I needed for an extended cleanse. Today, by regular mail I received some inspiration from a friend who recently returned from her winter vacation in Jamaica. Elle is an avid reader and neglected to take reading material but, she said "there were books ".  She chose a novel, "the Overnight Socialite", an unusual choice for my friend.

       A beautiful moment of serendipity happened on page 208.  Right there in black and white was reference to my actual name, "the Jill Pettijohn cleanse" a good reminder for me, hah!!. The book was published in 2009. (Jill's Cleanse is still in business!!)

The ever so thoughtful Elle, mailed me the cover, the title and copyright page and of course page 208. It really made me smile and gave me a little extra motivation. 

      With that, I encourage everyone to cleanse with the change of season. 


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