Nourishing your Divine Self

“I often see people who are suffering with all kinds of symptoms, physically and emotionally, limiting their success and motivation in life. Most of us are affected by the immensely busy and stressful lives we lead and the effects are often overwhelming. Now is the time to ground and reconsider life.  Self nourishment is a fundamental key for success and good health.”

"Jill’s artwork in the kitchen has a sublime synergy of nature and food. Her awareness of the well-being of the body is unrivaled. I have had the good fortune of working with Jill for many years at my home as well as traveling the world. During the long days I spent in the design room, Jill’s Green Juice was one of the staples that gave me the stamina I needed to create my collections. The knowledge she has gathered throughout her career is seen in her presentation of food. I am eager to see this woman’s brilliance blossom into being to share her knowledge, her true caring nature and exquisite cuisine with the world. "

Donna Karan
Fashion Designer and Philanthropist

"We have had the pleasure of experiencing Jills food over many years. She brings consciousness and heart to create delicious, healthy food that nourishes your body and soul. "

Deborra- Lee & Hugh Jackman
Actress Producer/ Actor

"Jill is a very highly experienced and multi talented chef who has worked for many celebrities, CEO’s, designers, artists and for those recovering from illness or surgery and who were trying to heal. For many years Jill coached thousands of people through her successful cleanses and for many, changed their lives. She has been the Chef as several of my private retreats over the passed 10 years that I have known her. She is wildly creative with amazing knowledge and intuitive wisdom. She shares her energy and love into everything she creates. She is a Chef of Life. I am excited for her new endeavors and look forward to experiencing what she has to offer. "

Dr Mark Hyman
Medical Director at Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine, the Founder of The UltraWellness Center, and a ten-time #1 New York Times Bestselling author.

"Jill is a kitchen goddess who knows the ways to recover one's stamina and vitality maintain exceptional health. I’ve worked with her for more than 10 years in our detox and one Spirit Medicine retreats. A master chef and gifted teacher, she will help you discover your way out of the brain-fog,  to reduce the inflammation, and the lack of energy so many of us suffer from. Do not miss the opportunity to work with her, she will change your diet and your life. "

Alberto Villiodo
Alberto Villoldo PhD  bestselling author of One Spirit Medicine. Four Winds Energy Medicine Chile

Energy and Vibration


All food has an energy or a vibration, making a conscious choice with the  foods you take in will raise your vibration and energy level, allowing you to be more connected and more conscious on a spiritual level.
Through my own experience, I refrain from consuming foods that weigh me down. Bread for example especially white bread or wheat products, affect me within 10 mins, my mood changes and  my thoughts lack clarity. Just for today, choose something that will lift your energy, enjoy the flavors, the texture, color, flavor and feel that linger within your physical being.

Raise your energy and resonate at a higher vibration on a daily basis.


What is Food


Food is everything we take into our body.  Ideally a diet would be rich in clean, balanced, abundant vegetables and fruits, grown or harvested with integrity.  Our environment, preferably abundant with nature, with sounds of the birds and animals. Being close to a body of clean water to enjoy and observe the flow of a river, an ocean or a waterfall. Seeing the stars and the moon or the sunrise, and feeling the wind or the rain, the energy of nature is food in itself.

      What we listen to, watch or read can be powerful or detrimental. Be it music, social media, books, movies, TV and even those we surround ourselves with.

Being able to express ourselves with truth and with integrity so energy is received with clarity and resonates well with others. Even the way we carry ourselves and walk upon this earth is important.

Coming from the heart with every step we take, and giving gratitude, creates nourishment.



Day Rise


Without a doubt the early morning is my favorite time of the day. Each new day is full of magic. Every morning as part of my daily ritual I take a glass of fresh water and give gratitude, to the spiritual essence of the water and for our mother earth, for good health and nourishment, including the plants, animals and birds and the trees for providing our oxygen and purifying the air. I pour some of that water onto mother earth and drink the rest giving thanks then to all of those who I interact with during the day, whether it be family, friends, those I work with or come into contact with. 

During this quiet and reflective time I receive messages and signs from nature that guide me with information that I use throughout my day. 

Be open to receive and staying present and grounded on mother earth is important for an easy and productive day. We can then make clear and positive decisions as to how we nourish ourselves each day.


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3 Steps toward Nourishing Your Divine Self

I'm super happy you are making a choice to begin your new journey of self care. Please enjoy the journey. I am honored to be able to serve you.


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