Nourishing your Divine Self

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Menla in July 8-11 coming soon

Fall October 7-10 2021

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None of us expected life to unfold the way it has done in 2020. All of us have encountered a situation that has altered our lives and the way we think. 

For many of us our dreams and goals, are no longer the same and for some life might feel like it is falling apart.

Our daily practices and rituals are really important, particularly at this time.  This helps us to stay centered and focused as we navigate our way through life as we know it.

This is a time to stay connected, grounded and centered through the heart and honoring our own sacredness with compassion for all beings everywhere, and to shine your light. 

Clearly building your immune system with a clean and healthy diet, following daily practices and simple ceremony. Doing yoga and exercise and being out in nature are all factors to consider to rebuild and strengthen your connection to Mother Earth to function in this new time.

My goal is to help people feel good again, grounded and clear and be able to function at a very high level, your personal best so you can help yourself and all those around you.


During the retreat you will be offered many different and wonderful opportunities to heal, reconnect, rejuvenate and rebalance.

With wonderful and nourishing food, through movement & dance, yoga, meditation, communing with nature, sound healing and ceremony, you  will have the chance to rebuild your life in an easeful and loving way.

Let it be a time to reconnect with Mother Nature and learn how to harness her power and bring nature within, to renew your energy and vitality and become illuminated beings once again.

Walk into this new moment with strength and oneness and raise your vibration to a new level.

Nourish your Divine Self






I know it sounds cliché, but four days with Jill at the Menla retreat was truly transformational.

Rather than inundating me with educational materials, technical handouts and boring lectures about so-called healthy eating, Jill fostered a caring, supportive and spiritual experience which facilitated my ability to look inside to find my own answers and solutions. 

The yoga, sound bath and sweat lodge were great, and the food was delicious.

Jill put together a thoughtful program which had just the right balance of guided activities and free time for reflection and thought.

I cannot wait to participate in her next one.

David Z., Long Island, New York

Wonderful retreat, Jill!  I loved all of the offerings.  The teachers were all fantastic.  The food was great.  My digestion was the best of my adult life.  I even lost a few pounds.  

Thanks again!  


Shirley Golgoski They say when the student is ready the teacher appears ~ I had the honor to meet Jill 1 yr ago. I was not aware of Jill's path yet. When I heard of the Nourishing the Divine Self Retreat I decided to go. I was Truly blown away by Jill's Compassionate, Healing, Nourishing Capability. I have been struggling w/life for some years, this retreat w/ Jill opened up many doors. A true gift I gave myself. Jill brought in all the right people & the knowledge of the right food helped many HEAL in the room. She has been following thru and checking in well after the retreat I have been gifted in many ways from this Divine Retreat. My wish is that everyone could experience Jill's gift once. The Sweat Lodge was the Best! ~ Thank you Jill I will forever be in Sister Sprite w/u.




Yoga Teacher Marion Jackson

Marion Jackson (Mahima) is a light-worker, seeker of the truth, and a lifelong student of movement. After many years of dance training she began teaching yoga in 2004 with certifications through Integral Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga NYC, and restorative yoga with Cindi Lee. An eternal student, Marion currently studies yoga philosophy (Vedanta), Sanskrit and sound healing. She aims to weave these teachings and practices into her classes. 

During a time of great illness, Marion was blessed to meet Jill Pettijohn. Jill played an important role in her healing and has been a true inspiration over the years.

 Marion teaches yoga in NYC and has led/ co-led retreats around the US and abroad. 

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