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Jill stands as a beacon of transformation in the realm of nutritional health and culinary arts, celebrated as a food shaman. Her mission is to inspire change in those prepared to embrace themselves, leveraging her comprehensive blend of professional expertise, deep knowledge, and rich life experiences.

With an extensive background as a seasoned chef, Jill's culinary journey has taken her across the globe, mastering a diverse array of cuisines. Beyond her culinary achievements, she is a registered nurse, adept in shamanic energy medicine, herbalism, Reiki, and a participant in heart-centered transformational workshops.

Her profound grasp of human    physiology, the importance of self-care, and its impact on future generations stand out as her unique strength.

Jill's wisdom extends to ancient traditions, having studied with Indigenous communities across the Americas, enriching her spiritual and physical understanding. She holds a certification in Energy & Shamanic Medicine from The Four Winds Society, under the guidance of Alberto Villoldo & Marcela Lobos.

She has also studied with Indigenous people of North and South America learning many different traditions that enhance her knowledge of spirit and the physical being. The knowledge she has received are gifts which she willingly shares for others to benefit from. She is certified in Energy & Shamanic Medicine from The Four Winds Society, with Alberto Villodo.

Jill believes that Food is Medicine and her passion is educating people into making better dietary choices to help eliminate disease and can also elevates  ones spiritual frequency. Thus enhancing their connection to the divine.

Jill pioneered the Cleansing and Juice business in NYC which is now throughout the world. Jill is Co Owner of “Jill‘s Cleanse ” designed for people on the go, to help people achieve better health using organic produce and ingredients. She does one on one healing sessions with her clients either Nutrition Based or Energy Healing.

Her innovative approach led to the inception of the cleansing and juice movement in New York City, a concept that has since gained global recognition.

Most Recently 

Jill embodies the essence of compassionate and holistic support during life's most delicate transitions. With a profound understanding that end-of-life care extends beyond physical needs, she offers a sanctuary for emotional, spiritual, and nutritional well-being. Jill's multifaceted expertise as a registered nurse, nutritional health practitioner, chef, and spiritual guide makes her an unparalleled ally for loved ones and their families facing the end-of-life journey.



" Jill was the mid wife of Glow's birth.. could not have done without her! She helped us develop formulas that have proven to be not only healing but delicious! She is the perfect blend between a healer and a chef. There is an aura about her that breeds confidence and exudes wisdom. We are excited to see her new project come to life and enlighten her students as she has done to Glow Healthbar. "

Diana d’Hendecourt
Co-Founder Glow Health Bar

"Jill played a pivotal role in the birth of Glow Health bar. Not only through her vast knowledge on the healing properties of foods but also through her presence. Jill is truly connected to nature and she brings its energy and wisdom to her cleanses , juices and guidance . Jill reminds you to stay close to nature and inspires healthy living."

Blanca Brillembourg
Co-Founder Glow Healthbar

"Jill's skills with food and nature are a powerful healing experience, delicious, delectable, and especially healthy. She knows food, health and nature. I have redirected my health concerns working with her, and exchanged them for self empowerment. Thank you, Jill!!!!!!! "

Suzanne Armistead
Performing Artist

"A couple of years ago, in the ICU at Mt Sinai hospital after having open-heart surgery, my long road to recovery began. An angel, Jill Pettijohn came along. Being disoriented with all the medications, I knew I needed nourishing food that would revitalize my body! Jill arrived with jars of teas, cooling organic jello's and vegetable mineral broths. I drank it all !! My body slowly started returning to itself. It did not take much, then I understood the importance of food as medicine. To be attuned to food in this way is a very special gift. And preparing just the right kind food for people who have special needs requires someone who walks with a consciousness connected to food on a vibrational level. Jill has this! She uses food as a bridge, helping people to connect the vitality of their body with the vitality of their spirit. I am very grateful for how she intuitively knew what it was that I needed at a moment of great physical trauma in my life. "

Angelina Nasso

"How do I thank you, Jill, for helping me and my family to sooth our breaking hearts. You came to us and brought a calm and spiritual presence. As we gathered around the bed of my magnificent but dying husband and father to these sad children, you blessed him and us then sang these chants that were hauntingly beautiful. Your voice is that of an angel. Through our tears, we felt a sense of peacefulness for him and for us. It helped us to breathe through the loss. You truly have a gift of healing."

Laura Hudson

" Jill was an integral part of our support system when we brought our 11-month-old daughter home on hospice care. Her elegant, healthfully delicious meals nourished us so we could show up fully for all of the demands of caring for our medically complex baby girl who had to be watched by a skilled caregiver 24/7 due to her tracheostomy and ventilator. What our baby most wanted was to be held close in loving arms. Jill spent countless hours rocking her, singing to her, and delighting her highly attuned ears with various bird sounds. Jill’s loving presence in our home brought peace and comfort to all of us. She laughed with us, cried with us, prayed with us, and joined us in our steadfast commitment to celebrate every moment we got to spend with our precious baby girl. When our daughter passed away, we asked Jill to lead her burial ceremony because we knew she would attend to it with grace and delicate reverence. It was beautiful, simple, and honest. Jill shows up with the steady presence of a wise elder and a heart that remains open to love even in the most difficult of circumstances. "

Carrie Firestone

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Jills special and varied skills give you a variety of choices. From Personal Chef, Nutritional Guidance, Retreats and much more.


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