Nourishing your Divine Self Retreat Dec 2-5


Donna Karan

 Fashion Designer and Philanthropist 

“Jill’s artwork in the kitchen has a sublime synergy of nature and food. Her awareness of the well-being of the body is unrivaled. I have had the good fortune of working with Jill for many years at my home as well as traveling the world.

During the long days I spent in the design room, Jill’s Green Juice was one of the staples that gave me the stamina I needed to create my collections. The knowledge she has gathered throughout her career is seen in her presentation of food. I am eager to see this woman’s brilliance blossom into being to share her knowledge, her true caring nature and exquisite cuisine with the world.”


Donna Karan


Dr Mark Hyman

Medical Director at Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine, the Founder of The UltraWellness Center, and a ten-time #1 New York Times Bestselling author.

“Jill is a very highly experienced and multi talented chef who has worked for many celebrities, CEO’s, designers, artists and for those recovering from illness or surgery and who were trying to heal. For many years Jill coached thousands of people through her successful cleanses and for many changed their lives. She has been the Chef as several of my private retreats over the passed 10 years that I have known her. She is wildly creative with amazing knowledge and intuitive wisdom. She shares her energy and love into everything she creates. She is a Chef of Life. I am excited for her new endeavors and look forward to experiencing what she has to offer.”

3 Steps For Successful Cleansing, by Dr. Mark Hyman


Alberto Villoldo

Four Winds Energy Medicine Chile



Jill is a kitchen goddess who knows the ways to recover one's stamina and vitality maintain exceptional health. I’ve worked with her for more than 10 years in our detox and one Spirit Medicine retreats. A master chef and gifted teacher, she will help you discover your way out of the brain-fog,  to reduce the inflammation, and the lack of energy so many of us suffer from. Do not miss the opportunity to work with her, she will change your diet and your life.


Alberto Villoldo PhD





Diana d’Hendecourt                                 
Co-founder of


"Jill was the mid wife of Glow's birth.. could not have done without her! She helped us develop formulas that have proven to be not only healing but delicious! She is the perfect blend between a healer and a chef. There is an aura about her that breeds confidence and exudes wisdomWe are excited to see her new project come to life and enlighten her students as she has done to Glow Healthbar."




Blanca Brillembourg
Co-founder of

"Jill played a pivotal role in the birth of  Glow Health bar. Not only through her vast knowledge on the healing properties of foods but also through her presence. Jill is truly connected to nature and she brings its energy and wisdom to her cleanses , juices and guidance . Jill reminds you to stay close to nature and inspires healthy living."


Suzanne Armistead      
Performing Artist                                            

"Jill's skills with food  and nature are a powerful healing experience, delicious, delectable, and especially healthy.  She knows food, health and nature.  I have redirected my health concerns working with her, and exchanged them for self empowerment. Thank you, Jill!!!!!!! "


Angelina Nasso                                                   
Artist, Mother & Wife  


"A number of months ago I found myself in the ICU at Mt Sinai hospital. I had just had open-heart surgery. On top of this, immediately after the surgery, I had a heart attack. 

Now began my long road to recovery and here is where an angel called Jill Pettijohn came into the room.I was very disoriented with all the medications - I knew what I needed was nourishing food that would revitalize my body! Jill arrived with jars of warm teas and vegetable mineral broths. I drank it all and began feeling my body slowly returning to myself. It did not take much.  I understood the importance of food as medicine.

To be attuned to food in this way is a very special gift. And preparing just the right kind food for people who have special needs requires someone who walks with a consciousness connected to food on a vibrational level. Jill has this! She uses food as a bridge, helping people to connect the vitality of their body with the vitality of their spirit. I am very grateful for how she intuitively knew what it was that I needed at a moment of great physical trauma in my life.



Laura Hudson

"How do I thank you, Jill, for helping me and my family to sooth our breaking hearts.

You came to us and brought a calm and spiritual presence. As we gathered around the bed of my magnificent but dying husband and father to these sad children, you blessed him and us then sang these chants that were hauntingly beautiful. Your voice is that of an angel. Through our tears, we felt a sense of peacefulness for him and for us. It helped us to breathe through the loss. You truly have a gift of healing."





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