Self Nourishment Program

3 one on one 60 min. Zoom sessions

Including individual in depth health consultation. An opportunity to create an intention and a realistic goal.

2 weeks guided plan of action with Jill's nutritional expertise to follow in order to reach your goal. 

Unlimited email support.

This package should be completed in 4 weeks from commencement.

If you are struggling with your own Self Care management.
Then this is for you.

This Program is an introduction into Self Nourishment, and better nutrition. It will give you the tools you need to become healthier and more satisfied and more focused to live your dream. 

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   Grow into your Divine Self                           in only 8 weeks.


Using nourishing foods, and all the tools you need to grow into yourself and function at your highest level. Learn how to come from the heart and be a beaming light.

Your body, is your temple, when treated with honor and respect it can do amazing things and yes, you can heal and grow. By raising your vibrations and aligning internally you will function at a much higher level.   

Learn about the vibrational qualities of foods and how ingesting these foods, grown and prepared with integrity you can shift your consciousness and improve your health so that you can reach your highest potential. You will experience magic like never before with good health and happiness and be fully connected with spirit. You will be in right relation with yourself your spirit and mother earth.

For questions, please email Jill at [email protected]

If this resonates with you, please schedule a call to discuss.



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 Jill is very highly experienced multi talented chef who has worked for many celebrities, CEO’s, designers and artists and for those who are recovering or who are trying to heal.

 For many years Jill coached hundreds of people through successful cleanses and for many changed their lives. She is highly creative, shares her energy and puts love into everything she creates.

She is a chef of life.

If you are interested in hiring Jill privately, for an event, or retreat or speaking engagement.

Please email her to arrange a phone call. 

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